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What is NFT (Non-fungible token)? Learn about NFT

NFT is an acronym for “non-fungible token”. They have a wide range of applications in art, games, and completing a collection.

Non-fungibility is the feature of an asset that prevents it from being exchanged with other assets of the same type. Consider the following example, a dollar has the same value as another dollar, and they can be traded in place of one another.

As the NFT ecosystem is an advanced new project, there are wide ideas to explore which are causing great value for both creators and consumers. One of the popular NFT’s art projects is CryptoPunk on the Ethereum blockchain, with its unique images.

In this case the value doesn’t attach to the artwork rather it’s more about their ownership of particular assets. On the other hand nft projects did not take part  just in artwork it has also provided financial benefits like DeFi.

Music locality in NFT

There is also a spacious place for music projects in NFTmarket like “the first digital edition “ of a record. The mp3 files tagged as NFT says “this file is not just original but also limited and couldn’t be copied’ like a rare pokemon card. As an example, an artist could release 10 NFTs that contain distinctive remixes of their song and only 10 people in the world would ever own it at any given time.

Owners could transfer ownership by selling NFTs ,though it could cause a boon or loss depending on NFT’s value. We can explain the significance of the NFT one in front of the common one in the way the difference between the original Van Gogh painting and printed one. They’ll seem absolutely the same but not equally valued  .Combining music and NFT would be a great idea but it depends on its adoption by larger streaming services.

NFT vs Cryptocurrency and digital currency

There are several differences between NFT, cryptocurrency and digital currency.

One of the main differences is that unlike digital currencies and cryptocurrency, NFTs are not fungible. It is equivalent to this definition that they couldn’t be replaced or traded with another one as they are unique but cryptocurrencies may be exchanged for something of equal or similar value.

On the other side digital currencies are centralized. There is a team containing people and computers managing transactions in the network,though NFTs and cryptos are decentralized meaning most of their respective communities make the regulation.

In addition, digital currencies aren’t evident, insomuch as an individual can’t select the wallet’s address and see money transfers because this information is confidential. However NFTs and cryptos are evident and every user could access any transactions of other users, since they are placed in a public blockchain network.

Essentially, similar to cryptocurrencies, a central bank-backed digital currency is electronics cash. Such as bitcoin which is data-based and doesn’t reside in the real world. Despite NFTs and cryptocurrencies ,CBDC’s are supported by governments and  they are more likely to be recognized as money that could be used to purchase and services.

NFT’s pros

High security:

Traditional art collectors were always worried about the risk of transacting artworks. Before purchasing they have to measure security to ensure the transaction goes smoothly, whereas NFTs can be traded in a most secure way. NFTs function as immutable digital signatures, delivering unprecedented confidence to collectors.

veracity and transparency:

We’ve never had the means of confirming a piece’s authenticity and ownership, While the internet has long provided us with the ability to publish digital creations. Finally NFT has given us the ability to attach irrefutable evidence of creation and ownership to unique digital assets. NFT transactions are effortlessly traceable, assuring proof of both valuation and confirmable scarcity.These mechanisms also make it possible to track edition sizes of specific pieces.

income and royalties:

The management and collection of creator royalties has necessitated guilds, unions and agencies all siphoning off creators’ already limited revenue streams. Among NFT technology, royalties can be hard-coded into the NFT itself which means that each time an NFT is sold or resold, a percentage of the proceeds is automatically sent to the creator.


One of the most interesting  things about NFTs is how they can be thought of as lego pieces that interact with one another. As a result creators can launch NFTs that leverage and build on top of the success of other NFTs.Putting this concept in perspective, composability is what enables any NFT project to be thought of as a module of a much larger, interconnected ecosystem.

 NFT’s cons

NFT Hype and Concerns Over Uncertainty:

The collectors on NFT-minted digital assets belive that what they are holding is investments. The numerous of NFT digital artworks have sold for hunderds of thousands to millions of dollars which are also a testament to the value of investing in these digital assets.

Nevertheless, the purchasing these assets has prompted several experts to ca, pare the phenomenon to an economic bubble that could eventually collapse, analogous to the d0d-com bubble of the late 1990s and other similar events.

Environmental issues of Blockchain technology:

The combined energy consumption of servers, like cooling down them, used to mine and run systems for cryptocurrencies is as much as a million transatlantic flights. Furthermore, the most utilization of NFTs world increase the existing energy requirements of the Bloclchain technology.

How can we use NFT؟

They are tradeable and are available in various forms, sizes, and branding. One of the applications is in games such as the CryptoKitties, which are available on the Ethereum blockchain and may be played by anybody.

Top 3 NFT projects

By virtue of Blockchain’s speed and low transaction fees the requirement of NFT is becoming more and more in Binance Smartchain. We want to briefly introduce 3top BSC projects which are breaking new ground in the NFTmarketplace.

BakerySwap (collectible NFT):

it is a NFT marketplace that have always been around to allow people to trade their cryptos. After storing your NFTs in a concordant wallet likeTrustwallet, it’s as easy as setting a price and waiting for buyers to come. By browsing carefully  through the NFT categories on BakerySwap, you’ll find some interesting NFTs on offer. These tokens give you something beyond the rights to a PNG image or song.

battle pet (gaming NFT):

We can also combine NFT and games. Battle pet  provides a pokemon-style experience with tradable NFT animals. It’s a just tried and tested formula, but with added elements of finance and gamification. You can also establish weapons that provide actual staking power, which will give you financial benefits rather than just improved game stats.

pancakeswap(financial NFT):

We can name it as BSC’s most cuddly, rabbit-themed of DeFi projects. It is one of the DeFi platforms on Binance Smart Chain that owe part of their success to clever NFT implementation. NFTs with a financial twist rather than pure, creative collectibility are now driving NFT sales. B pancakeswap, have created their own line of NFT characters to collect. Each rabbit has a redeemable value for CAKE, the project’s native token. Similar to other tradable assets, collectors speculate on the value of these NFTs as the price of CAKE fluctuates.

NFT’s Value

Their worth is determined by the context in which they are acting. For example, while evaluating cryptographic art, we must examine the artist who made it, the creative merit of the work, and the amount of money spent on soliciting collectors.


NFTs are new digital assets that have several types and different values.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are NFTs valuable?

Yes, but their value are changeable and depend on several things.

Could we buy NFT?

yes, they are tradeable in some ways.

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